Tuesday, July 08, 2008

victory garden(s) of the week - July 8

Growing front-yard food can rile neighbors (ap/cnn)
Some of the neighbors are less than thrilled. Some municipal codes limit the percentage of a yard that can be planted with anything other than trees and grass.
"Especially in the first three years, I got a lot of code violations," said Bob Waldrop of Oklahoma City. He planted his corner lot almost entirely with fruit trees, berry bushes and vegetables.
An anonymous complaint about Karen Baumann's front-yard garden in Sacramento, California led to a fight by local gardeners against the city's landscaping code, which stated that gardens could take up no more than 30 percent of the front yard.
After a public hearing where Baumann's 11-year-old twin sons testified, dressed as a carrot and a tomato, the city changed the law.

When the neighbors complain about front yard vegetables, defacing their John McCain for President lawn signs (as inedible as the chem grown grass they extrude from) probably won't help change any opinions.

And the sqawking of pigs and chickens may not win over hearts and minds in the short term. I do find it interesting that in my burb this summer, a cock crows a-morn, apparently a new arrival from last year, although I haven't located his habitat nor harem yet.

Have patience with ignorant grass-centric neighbors. Before long, they'll be seeking guidance.


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