Thursday, April 24, 2008

another skeletor type

Attorney General says mobsters pose new global threat
Also alarming is growing evidence of what Mukasey described as mobsters infiltrating and corrupting global gas and energy markets — potentially destabilizing parts of the U.S. economy. He cited cases of organized criminals increasingly smuggling immigrants and contraband — such as counterfeit money and drugs — into the United States.

Here we have in Mukasey another skeletor type, yet freshly presented. Untainted in the public mind by the scorch marks and glub glub of Abu Graib.

The storyline is new, even though the package is shopworn propaganda. Misdirection, fear, perfect to be sopped up by the media.

The storyline du jour externalizes oil prices on somebody - anybody - except those who are running the United States into the ground.

Filling your hummer got you down? Blame mobsters.
Cost of milk making you cringe? International rings of criminals.
Natural Gas bill more than you can afford? Viktor Bout! Rockets and AK-47s!

Can't blame Osama - need him for weekly radio addresses.
Can't blame Saddam - hung by the neck until dead.
Can't blame ourselves -


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