Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I'm always for ways to get people talking about oil without banging them over the head with a cheesy t-shirt.

Here is something I've meant to highlight before, along those lines.

Symbol of Great Change
These handcrafted jewels display dinosaur blood and are offered as a means of encouraging reflection upon what we take for granted, and upon the quality and extension of the human future that we wish to prevail. They are symbol of this industrial world's perilous and utter dependence: one among our many actions whose wisdom need be reconsidered — as we degrade the land, the sea, the climate, as we exhaust the Earth that is the only home we shall ever know. Yellow and black gold, rough-hewn beauty combined with ugliness, unnerving, to be worn by we who sense the reality and consequence of overshoot, as we restrain that old unbounded faith in the market and technological cleverness of man...


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