Wednesday, October 26, 2005

greatless minds think alike again and again

I was worried, when I posted only a moron wags the dog twice, that I had read a bit too much into the Bush administration rhetoric. After all, they got plenny a problems in this troubled season. Perhaps, I thought, it was a case of walking loudly and carrying a big dick, but no more. (Sorry for that, Teddy.)

Turns out the Bush Administration will never disappoint when it comes to misunderestimating their ability to effectively run the American Empire.

Who Are We to Pick Syria's President?
by Paul Craig Roberts
Someone (tell) Condi Rice that the game is up (...) the secretary of state is trying to ramp up war against Syria.
Grasping a UN report that uses unreliable witnesses to implicate Syria in the assassination of a former Lebanese government official, Condi Rice told the BBC on Oct. 23 that Syria's crime cannot be "left lying on the table. This really has to be dealt with."
This is amazing for many reasons. Here is the person in charge of U.S. diplomacy acting as if she is the secretary of war unsheathing military force. Whoever heard of an American diplomat wanting to start a war because a former Middle Eastern government official was assassinated?

And you might have thought Jello Biafra was joking when he said "Greetings: This is the Secretary of War at the State Department of the United States. We have a problem."


President Bush said he had not ruled out military action if Syria does not comply.

I can't help but wonder if Bush would rule out military action if Condi Rice refused to comply.

But then, why would she scorn him -- she's practically married to him.

One thing is certain. Through all the troubled times ahead, Rice will always appear calm. She has good reason to feel safe and secure for she has the unquestioned support of the only man who matters: Bush. When last year she referred to Bush as 'my husband' it was a Freudian slip that reflected how close Rice and the Bush clan have become.


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