Tuesday, April 12, 2005

pick your poison

Off topic kudos to American saki producer, Anheuser-Busch, for stating that they will not buy rice from Missouri should the state move ahead with medicinal crops.

From the article:
Last month, Arkansas-based Riceland Foods Inc., the world's largest rice miller and marketer, asked federal regulators to deny a permit for Ventria's project, saying Riceland customers don't want to risk buying genetically-modified rice. Anheuser-Busch is believed to be the first major company to threaten a boycott over the issue, according to comments filed last month with the Agriculture Department.
Scott Deeter, president of Sacramento-based Ventria, called Anheuser-Busch's threat "totally irresponsible" and said fears of contamination are overblown. - - - "Any concerns have been addressed thoroughly to the satisfaction of the scientific community," said university president Dean Hubbard.

People hate GM crops for two reasons. One, despite Dean Hubbards absurd statement, all GM tinkering is taking place before we understand the outcome. Running these experiments outdoors, uncontrolled, is not scientific - it is dangerous. It has a lot more to do with money, which ties into the second reason people hate GM crops: They are intellectual property of the corporations that "invent" them. These corporations want to control the seed supply and license the right to grow things to farmers.

I'm fine with controlled GM experiments, and scientific inquiry in general.

Massively growing pharmecuticals and potentially corrupting our food supply is stupid. (Don't eat too much rice - you might overdose.)

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