Friday, April 01, 2005

Clear Waters Initiative

Puget Sound Waters Getting Cleaner
TACOMA, Wash. -- A steep decline in Puget Sound-area herring, a critical food source for larger fish, marine mammals and sea birds, has Bush adminstration officials elated.

"Herring are a dietary staple for chinook salmon, cod and halibut", said Scott McClellan, White House press secretary, "and also are eaten by porpoises, seals, sea lions and orcas. This is the correct place to store polychlorinated biphenyls - at the root of the food chain."

Scott McClellan also indicated that the Bush administration intends to roll back the coal powered pleasure skiff ban instituted by the Clinton Administration as Clinton was leaving office.

Quoting Dick Cheney, McClellan said "Coal is clean, boundless, American mined energy and should be free for all to enjoy on the crystal clear waters of the Puget Sound."


At 7:45 PM, April 01, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A most subtle April's fools joke. The "root of the food chain" comment seemed suspiciously real, as in totally misguided.


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