Sunday, April 10, 2005

six degrees of gary bauer

Consider a quote from the following article:

Rising Oil Prices Changing National Energy Strategies
Frequent attacks on Iraq's oil pipelines have demonstrated the vulnerability of the world's oil infrastructure. Security experts, such as Anne Korin, Director of the group "Set America Free," which spearheaded the bipartisan effort, believe a major attack is inevitable.
"If we look at Saudi Arabia we have several big facilities, which, if they were hit, would take a significant chunk of capacity off the market and that would really have a devastating effect on oil prices," says (Anne) Korin.

This is wonky and reasonable analysis. Infrastructure is indefensible. You can't drive an oil refinery behind a hill. So I went digging to see who represents Set America Free.

Among the list of signatories:

Gary L. Bauer --- Famous God Lobbyist
James Woolsey - Owns a Prius. Ex CIA
Frank Gaffney -- Some dude

Well I declare. These names look familiar. They are plastered all over The Project for a New American Century, along with a few other miscreants, like Rumsfield, Cheney, and Wolfowitz. Further poking around on this imperial web site unearths a few more names as time goes on - Max Boot and Woolsey pop in, along with the ever present Gary L. Bauer.

Basically, the same group of uncritical thinkers that brought us perpetual pre-emptive war are now selling 500Mpg gasoline and "Green" nukes on the side. A multipronged strategy, where each prong is ridiculous.

From Set America Free - Blue Print for Energy Security
If a plug-in vehicle is also a FFV fueled with 80% alcohol and 20% gasoline, fuel economy could reach 500 miles per gallon of gasoline

This cleverly constructed sentence is factually correct, by a whisker, if the sun is shining. And journalists ate it up and rewrote it - incorrectly - as was doubtless the intent.

Set America Free is an intelligence operation.

James Woolsey bragging about his Prius is kinda funny. Inn't that a foreign car? How free is that? Calm down. One war at a time.


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