Sunday, January 23, 2005

tidbits from a week in the life

Thaw sees grass take hold in Antarctica
Moving the herd to the south pasture, Pa! Way, way south. One place Michael Crichton won't be stopping on his book tour. Who wants to be laughed at by penguins?

Welcome to Willie Nelson's Biodiesel
Thanks to J. Moe for the tip. As much as BioDiesel is a crock of (net energy loss and cropland depleting hooey), one has to think that sincere efforts like this help in the cause of awareness for Peak Energy. People are bound to ask, what is the big deal? Is this a solution to a real problem?

Kennedy: Fascist America
Saw this on Reptile Rants, from which I add this link, an Australian's view of the Bush festivities. Note to bushco - the flags were a little much. Also, the Reptile Rants crew maintains a Peak Energy doppleganger site, worth checking out.

Western Mining Corp: shortage of uranium adds value
Ruh-oh! You mean there is a LIMIT to uranium? The supposed new energy choice of discerning environmentalists like James Lovelock? A peak perhaps? Sick that, barring some ultimate disaster we will likely turn every scrap of uranium on the planet into toxic, persistant waste. What do I mean by ultimate disaster? Smack to the brane, asteroid, nova or nukefest. Did I leave anybody out? Ah yes. Methane Hydrates. See below.

Global Warming Approaching Point of No Return, Warns Leading Climate Expert
When a man with a beard tells you something, you better listen. (sic)


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