Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Did you ever wonder...

It often seems as if there is no government action on any of the real, pressing issues of the day. Sometimes, I get together with a group of my semi-bohemian technocrat hippie friends and we try and figure out just why that might be. Then we drink some wine and eat some pizza (we don't lack for class) and lurch off to our domiciles.

...why the odd lack of useful government ?

The dollar falls, Oil depletes, Canadians grow bold, and cheneybush go after - Social Security?!!

Well, reasononline and Mobjectivist lifted a rock, and exposed a few cockroaches, scuttling for the Homeland, so very VERY hard to squash.

And it is funny sad. Check out your Civil Servant, and her A.M.

Dissertation topic: I kicked a tumbleweed across the concourse.
Next stop: Washington D.C.

Our culture is broken.


At 6:47 PM, January 20, 2005, Blogger WHT said...

The face of bureacratic evil has never looked so banal.

Thanks for the last ref:
"Credentialling, not educating, has become the primary business of North American universities."

At 12:50 AM, January 24, 2005, Blogger monkeygrinder said...

The credentialing bit is true, but then again having a degree is hugely important for social mobility in this country. Add to the stew the obscene cost of an education, which leaves even the best schools with pressure to engage in grade inflation...

Oh well. At least, if you really want to learn something, you can still do it at an university.

It is just not a primary requirement to graduate.


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