Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Spotted by J. Moe -

Energy bills reflect gas rate rise

Every year, natural gas costs a little more, doesn't it? By dribbles and bounds. If you aren't moving your investments into a commodity centric portofolio at this point, why not? What are you waiting for? The Rapture?

I'm still working on a few posts about our economy. They are percolating around, to be issued. I'm trying to figure out how to get across what a unique period of time this is. There is opportunity in disaster, if you know the Bear is coming.

Here is how I am approaching things personally. Results may vary.
Think Gold and Silver. Good funds can be multipliers on base value.
Limit exposure to Intellectual Property BS stocks. You can't eat IP.
Food prices up, if you have the balls to play the commodities market.

There are likely five more years of inertia left in our present economy before a tipping point.

But I could be wrong. It could happen sooner. Grease the AK.

I said, "You can't eat IP", and boy was I ever wrong.
Thanks, Monsanto, for redefining evil.
Monkey fuck a few alleles, trick a few farmers, let the wind blow your bad seed. Maybe this is why Europeans are against GM foods, and not because they are so, uh, French?

Les dieux nous railleront à la fin.


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