Thursday, January 27, 2005

Energy Autonomy

Over at TheCorrection, interesting stories are being unearthed.

In today's latest, a reference is made to Global Guerrillas on a topic that I hadn't heard anything about before in the Western press. Admittedly I wasn't paying too much attention; seemingly too depressing.

Possible Chechen independance. I thought Putin had proved he would smash cities before allowing liberty to the self styled 'people' of Chechnya. What gives?

Energy is king

"This would have been containable, given the system's forward storage system, if it only occured once. However, attacks continued along the hundreds of miles of vulnerable natural gas pipelines in the critical sections. This radically reduced supply. The net effect was a 70% delivery shortfall to critical European export markets and western domestic customers in the first three months of the new campaign. It couldn't have been planned better -- storage levels were are their nadir following a particularly cold winter."

This has tremendous implication, beyond just Chechnya. Where have we seen this before? Iraq. What do Iraq and Chechnya have in common? Would be imperial overlords.

So where will we see this tactic next?

Not Venezuela. At least, not while Hugo Chavez is feeding the poor and teaching them to read. But imagine if storm troopers from some hypothetical empire swept in and installed a military dictator. (How dare you sell your oil to the highest bidder! That condradicts the secret rule of free markets. Give the man a mustache - he is the new Hitler!)

Boom boom, goes the infrastructure?

We'll see.


At 6:28 PM, January 30, 2005, Blogger WHT said...

The problem with tracking energy issues. The minute you think something is too far out, you get this:
US prepares invasion of Venezuela?

At 1:20 PM, January 31, 2005, Blogger monkeygrinder said...

Yes - I have this odd feeling like the USA is 'on the clock' right now, and our time is ticking down. What madness will we engage in next?


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