Friday, February 24, 2006

terrorists 0, bomb 1

"From Hell's heart I stab at thee"
Khan, quoting Melville

Sometimes Hell misses, and that is a fine thing. The path to a civilization unshackled from carbon fuel energy is a precarious one. Small, inconsequential factors can easily push us off the path, so great is the dependancy on oil.

Today, Hell missed.

Tomorrow, who can say?

Al Qaeda claims responsibility for Saudi attack
ABQAIQ, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) - Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for Friday's attack on a Saudi oil facility at Abqaiq, when security forces fired at suicide bombers trying to storm the world's biggest oil processing plant.

One car was carrying gunmen and two others, packed with explosives, rammed the gates, (Nawaf Obaid) said. All the attackers were killed. Security sources in Riyadh said four militants and two security officers died and two other officers were wounded.Mohammad al-Merri, a relative of one of the officers killed, said the militants were able to penetrate the first checkpoint leading to the facility. "They opened fire and killed two officers after the guards at the second checkpoint became suspicious of them,"


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