Sunday, February 12, 2006

a toast to peak oil

Deffeyes says we passed peak in December 2005 Energy Bulletin
  1. There are calls for embargoing Iranian oil because of the nuclear weapons situation. Pulling four million barrels per day out from under the world energy supply might trigger a severe worldwide recession. In the post-peak era, we're playing a new ball game and we don't yet know the rules.
  2. Ghawar, the supergiant Saudi oilfield, is producing increasing amounts of water along with the oil. When Simmons sent Twilight in the Desert to the printer, the water cut at Ghawar was around 30 percent. There are later reports on the Internet ( of water cuts as high as 55 percent. Ghawar has been producing 4 million barrels per day; when the Ghawar field waters out, you can kiss your lifestyle goodbye.

If Ghawar hasn't crested 50%, water cut, she will be there soon enough, and we'd best have the liquor ready.

Bottoms up on a Ghawar Nipple.

11/20 oz. butterscotch schnapps
9/20 oz. Baileys Irish Cream

Pour Bailey's into glass. Fill straw with butterscotch Schnapps. Expel Schnapps into the bottom of the shot glass such that two distinct layers are formed, with the sweet Irish Cream on top.

Or, a flaming Ghawar Whiskey on the rocks.

Drop some oil shale rocks into a tumbler. Fill over half the remaining volume with ice, then finish with the whiskey of your choice.

Carefully pour some everclear onto the top of the beverage and light it with a blowtorch.

After the drink has flared and the ice has melted, it is ready to be enjoyed. The rich oil droplets rising out of the oil shale are to be savored.

Ok humble readers -- Chip in your Peak drinks. I'll publish a cookbook if I get enough.


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