Monday, February 20, 2006

Señor Danger

Chavez Threatens to Cut Off Oil to US If It Goes Too Far
"The US government must know that if it crosses the line, it won't be getting Venezuelan oil," (Chavez) cautioned late Friday, (...) "I have to say that I've begun taking steps on the matter, but I won't tell you what they are. They think I can't take these steps, because we won't know where to place our oil. Aha! That's where they are wrong," "'Mr. Danger'," said Chavez, referring to Bush, "you form your front, and we will form ours. It doesn't matter what the US government does to us; we will respond in a Christian way: 'If you slap my cheek I will offer you the other.' I have the moral strength to resist the old cynical and immoral empire, and we shall defeat you, old empire."

Chavez constantly refers to dear old Bush, el Presidente of the United States, as a Super Villain, "Mr. Danger".

I hope I am not the only one who finds this hilarious. The irony being most Super Villains are fiendishly intelligent. That must be why the bell curve was invented, for those edge cases.

The message Chavez appears to be imparting:

Oil is a fungible commodity. Venezuela needn't sell it to the U.S.A.
Fuck You, Señor Danger.
Invade, Bomb, or Coup, and you're cut off.
Have fun with the land war in South America.
We can physically destroy our Oil production. We control it.


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