Saturday, February 19, 2005

life as a fine cigar

This presentation on Cuba has been making the rounds:

Low-Energy Lifestyle: Lessons from Cuba

I encourage everyone to please take the time to read and absorb it, or listen to the .MP3.

Try and get past communism, Castro, and politics on this one. It is the story of how a country suddenly had her oil resources cut off - and survived. We will be facing a similar scenario in the near future.

What do we most value in American life? Family, cars, friends, education, greed, health care, McDonalds, environment, television. Peak oil doesn't universally ravage those particulars, though it has the potential. It is funny how present day USA seems to be suffering a decline in about half of the values mentioned above. Even as we have more oil coming in, more energy produced than ever before.

I'm a sinner, and when I smoke a cigar and drink a tumbler of beverage, I am happy that I can bring these vices with me to a post peak world.

I'll be perfectly happy to leave cars, greed, McDonalds, and television behind.


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