Wednesday, April 28, 2010

who's that rappin?

Oil spill: Gulf of Mexico disaster 'growing by the moment'

The explosion, the sinking, and now the spill from the Transocean Deepwater Horizon oil rig couldn't have come at a worse time for President Obama and other proponents of expanding deepwater oil exploration off the US.

Obama. Bush Light, half the calories, but sold by the same corporation for the same price.

The current incident demonstrates the risks and degree of difficulty of the global gambit to go ever further afield into the earth's deep crevasses to find oil. Trying to shut off a well 5,000 feet below the ocean surface has never been done.
Early reports were that BP workers using four remote-piloted subs had managed to jam the 5,000-foot "riser" from the well to the surface, These reports were wrong, with the Coast Guard saying Monday that the leak was not contained, but had, in fact, tripled in size in 24 hours.

No one said the Transocean Deepwater Horizon was the Titanic. No one said she was unbreakable. Floating like a butterfly, she stung the ocean floor like a bee and blew up. This is no little ethanol refinery. No energy laundering operation. A billion dollar play has crumpled, and the energy to payback the investment is floating towards the United States. The viscosity of karma may now be measured.

"If this doesn't give somebody pause, there's something wrong," Florida Gov. Charlie Crist tells the Miami Herald.

Some of us paused when the itch got scratched back in 2006: "A faulty natural-gas well was the cause of the Lusi mud volcano in Indonesia that began erupting in May 2006 and hasn't stopped yet, burbling up hundreds of gallons of mud each day and so far burying four towns and 25 factories"...

The past is for historians. I told you so is always too late. The military wants to know when their water powered jeeps will be ready.

Don't count on the "experts" managing this honking, pooping black swan. Experts are creatures of structure and status, shorthand for money. Yes, wade offshore for oil. Not as simple as Texas, is it? Peak oil is unfortunate in that like a small child who asks for world peace, remediation goes completely against the system of the world. Like a small child, it is largely ignored.