Tuesday, February 02, 2010

tending weeds and pressing roses

A few changes, as I ponder uncorking a few new ideas in the near future. Yes, now I think about writing on peak energy rather than actually writing! It doesn't actually save me time of course - the ideas rattle around in my brain, instead of yours, where they belong.


Real Climate,
With prejudice. My standards are low enough as it is. This doesn't mean I'm a burn it all guy, unconcerned about global warming. I am anti-structural by nature and I smell a structure.

Long time no see. Makes one wonder.

Past Peak,
Blue skies.


Club Orlov,
I agree, a SKS is a good choice. Comes apart like a tinker toy. Now I just need a sailboat and a good book on maritime law. And a method to gut and clean a jellyfish, cause that's what we get. Eat lead, primordial suckers!

Peak Oil Debunked,
This dude makes me laugh. He's as conceited as me, MIGHT BE my nemesis. Something new on the methane front, as well. Bears investigation. In the time since this popsicle stand began, didja know that bushcheney allowed a new process domestically called hydraulic fracturing to be used to acquire natural gas? Let me tell you friend, supplies are BOOMING!