Monday, November 20, 2006

burning money

BLM Drops ExxonMobil from Oil Shale RDD Project Bidding
Another major concern was the amount of energy required to power the OSTS development. Commentors requested that the PEIS address the sources of power for each project and the numbers and locations of required new power plants.

Little advertised in our mainstream culture wherein motive power is measured in dollars rather than industrial quantities of energy is that the favored shale oil production scheme in Colorado involves multi-megawatt power plant(s). Huge heating coils and a space laser are also involved but never mind that for now. It is an open question as to what will power said power plant(s). Certainly not energy; not much of that lying about anymore.

Technology must be employed instead.

Noting the furious pace at which the Fed has been printing money, doubling the amount of greenbacks in circulation since 2001, might I modestly propose cellulosic ethanol as the fuel source?

First, pound a billion dollars worth of paper money into a slurry. Ferment and Distill. Master craftsmen will sample the bitter brew of benjamin’s, delivering results to power plant(s) when the product is perfectly aged. Perverts will drink it for pleasure.

Yes, burning money will help us get a handle on our inflation problem and produce a homegrown supply of sweet, light crude at the same time.

Terrorist free, for what ails ye.

Does it hurt when the presidential medal of freedom gets pinned achest?


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