Tuesday, January 17, 2006

earthquake weather

Darn Darn floor, bad bite. Trouble trouble.
(Koko the Hominid, trying to describe an earthquake.)

Some things exceed ones capacity to describe or even imagine. Like the ultimate implications of the stupidly overwrought "Tense Stand-off" the United States is instigating with Iran.

Nuclear power BAD -- sure -- because it is a gateway drug to nuclear weapons. Just ask the Israelis about their destabilizing possesion of same. Bad, I tell you.

‘Israel will not allow Iran to obtain WMDs’
"Israel cannot allow in any way or at any stage someone who has such hostile intentions against us to obtain weapons that could threaten our existence," Olmert said in talks with President Moshe Katsav.

Meanwhile, in the real world, it sure isn't worth cooking up another war. Not in the here and now.

Iran issues stark warning on oil price
"Any possible sanctions from the west could possibly, by disturbing Iran's political and economic situation, raise oil prices beyond levels the west expects," he told Iranian state radio.

The West has zero ability to place Iran under effective Sanctions. Iran CAN sanction the West.

Ye obdurate monkeys! Ye pitiful consumers!

World can't afford to lose Iran's oil-US EIA
"The market is so tightly balanced, clearly, we can't afford to lose a large supply of crude to the market," EIA chief Guy Caruso told Reuters in an interview.

That is fair. Wanna know what else the world cannot afford lose? Saudi oil. Kuwaiti oil. Iraqi oil, because every dribble of tar helps.

There is one clear scenario where we lose that oil in a flash.

Is the United States about to launch a second preemptive war, against a nation that has not attacked us, to deprive it of weapons of mass destruction that it does not have? (...) (T)he "military option" against Iran is the talk of the town.
"There is only one thing worse than ... exercising the military option," says Sen. John McCain. "That is a nuclear-armed Iran. The military option is the last option, but cannot be taken off the table."

The Big Lie repeated. Ritual bloodshed prepared. When was the last freaking time Iran attacked anyone? Middle ages? Iraq in the eighties? Or did Iraq attack them as western proxy, and if not, were the Iranians justified in the mode of a United States style attack in 2003?

If this war goes down, kiss your beautiful civilization goodbye. Iran can blockade the Gulf and / or take down oil infrastructure with ease. If this war goes down, we find out how far soybeans and algae-produced methane drive us. If this war goes down, fiat currencies the world over will collapse.

I'd rather not see such a war happen.

Just saying.


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