Tuesday, September 20, 2005

How to destroy the competition

Toyota To Go 100% Hybrid - (thanks reader Eric Rachner for the tip)
Toyota has announced that all of its vehicles would eventually be powered by hybrid gasoline-electric motors. "In the future, the cars you see from Toyota will be 100 percent hybrid," said Kazuo Okamoto of Toyota. There's no deadline for that, but at the rate at which Toyota is introducing new models (especially the predictably popular Camry Hybrid) and ramping up production, it should not take too long.
The company has sold 425,000 hybrids since 1997 (when the first version of the Prius was introduced in Japan - most people think that the current Prius model is second generation, but it's actually a third generation...

Alert readers may have noticed in my previous post, "Where's the Beef?" there was in fact a small amount of meat patty represented in the helpful diagram.

More efficient cars are certainly a step in the right direction.

I'm not sure where American car manufacturers are keeping their thumb planted these days, but I do suspect that every single hybrid Toyota manufactures this year will rapidly find a home.


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