Wednesday, July 13, 2005

petrol greed and Codex Alimentarius

Concerned about peak energy, I haven't spent too much time on the industries which directly benefit from our present state of petroleum glutted wealth. Industries like drugs -- the legal kind.

Perhaps that has been a mistake.

It's About More Than Just Vitamins...
As long as I'm pimping documentaries, you might want to catch this excellent online short film We Become Silent which explains the recent furor over Codex.... If you have broadband you can view it online (it's about 20 min.), and if not you can download it.

The short film is good and streams well over broadband. It references a court case in the UK. The results are in:

Thousands of vitamin products threatened by ruling
The European Court of Justice has rejected British health food industry claims that the proposed Food Supplements Directive, coming into force on 1 August, breaches EU rules. Yesterday's decision means some 300 nutrients and nutrient sources in the UK will be banned unless they can obtain inclusion on a "positive" list - a move that supplement manufacturers say requires excessive levels of testing and red tape.

Common supplements, produced from well known food sources for millenia, are now to be "studied" by drug companies, repackaged as "drugs" and sold at great profit, (as presently occurs in Norway and Germany). If you have health insurance, naturally. Those on the margins of our exclusionary global culture will suffer, as usual.

Oh, and Americans, apparently codex alimentarius has tolled for us. Now we are simply waiting for the wheels of progress to crush us a little more.

When I come across something like this, a little terriblisma goes a long way. This nonsense will be unsustainable in a post peak world.

"Give me liberty or give me death" -- some terrorist.


At 4:49 AM, July 14, 2005, Blogger Big Gav said...

Like the closing quote.

Its about time all those graven images of Washington were torn down anyway - he's just inciting people to disobey their god-appointed rulers.


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