Wednesday, June 08, 2005

stan goff

You'll never find Stan Goff, ex Delta Force, in the back of a Kung-Fu magazine with a knife between his teeth selling the ability to punch thirty times a second. In avoiding this fate, probably having something to do with his time in Haiti, he has become one of the more pointed commentators on the American Empire. His books are invaluable, he speaks fluent peak oil.

And lately, instead of battling enemies of the state, he debates apologists for the state, amusing and insipid mush bags that they are when not on-set at Fox News.

Via Peak Energy (down under)
Debating A Neocon
In every case, I agreed with him that Democrats wanted to attack Iraq, too, and that they had attacked it as often as possible throughout the eight-year administration of Bill Clinton ­ who by the way had killed more Iraqis than George W. Bush. I also pointed out that Democrats, not Republicans, were the most vocal in calling for a return of military conscription, and that Kerry not only said he wouldn't withdraw from Iraq, but that he would expand the troop numbers ­ making him the Lyndon Baines Johnson of Southwest Asia. Not only that but any smart Democrat right now would be whooping for joy that they won't get the next four years hung around their necks, because the forces in motion ­ including maybe stagflation and the deepening defeat in Iraq ­ are bigger than either party of the rich.

It is truly remarkable how easily KO'ed these neocons are once you step outside the tight little ring of the Republicrats. They've got maybe three combinations, and they are slow as a cow. Everything inside has been ritual combat, so they do very badly when someone actually intends to hit them.


At 3:37 AM, June 08, 2005, Blogger Big Gav said...

I know I've blogged about this before, but if you're interested in Haiti read Wade Davis' "Serpent and the Rainbow" - its fascinating (both the history and the ethnobotany).

At 8:20 PM, June 08, 2005, Blogger monkeygrinder said...

Thanks, I'll check it out.


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