Saturday, April 30, 2005

if it acts human, kill it

I was chatting with some friends about my post on adding human liver genes into rice. The suggestion being that there are levels of absurdity that had not yet been reached, funny hah hah. Then someone mentioned some research about sheep with human brain cells.

Life imitates art just as fast as it can.

Creating 'human-animals' for research
He can't wait to examine the effects of the human cells he had injected into the fetus' brain about two months ago.
"It's mice on a large scale," Chamberlain says with a shrug.
In January, an informal ethics committee at Stanford University endorsed a proposal to create mice with brains nearly completely made of human brain cells. Stanford law professor Hank Greely, who chaired the ethics committee, said the board was satisfied that the size and shape of the mouse brain would prevent the human cells from creating any traits of humanity.

Just in case, Greely said, the committee recommended closely monitoring the mice's behavior and immediately killing any that display human-like behavior.


At 2:26 PM, March 10, 2009, Blogger William said...

Aw! Damn it. Why must science always stop short of greatness. We made a mouse with entirely human brain tissue for testing purposes.. But in the name of "ethics" killed any mouse that displayed human characteristics.
That's lame. I want super mice! I want to play chess with my pet mouse and contemplate the meaning of cheese!


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