Monday, March 21, 2005

fruit from pebbles

A cool little story from The Independant UK -

Rock dust grows extra-big vegetables (and might save us from global warming)
Using little more than rock dust mixed with compost, they have created rich, deep soils capable of producing cabbages the size of footballs, onions bigger than coconuts and gooseberries as big as plums. (...) "...we could cover the earth with rock dust and start to absorb carbon in a more natural fashion"

This squares with vulcanism in general creating more fertile soils. In Washington state, where volcanos cough up ash all the time and the glaciers chugged through, the soil was renowned for growing oversize strawberries and the like back in the 19th century.

The implication, heading into an era where we need to get control of the carbon cycle, is that bigger is better for plant life. More carbon can be stored, more oxygen produced. So bring on the rock dust.


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