Tuesday, February 08, 2005

from the dead energy files

Grants Notice - Methane Hydrates

The objective of this Department of Energy (DOE), National EnergyTechnology Laboratory (NETL) funding opportunity announcement is to select projects in FY05 that will support ongoing efforts to increase the understanding of the role of methane hydrates in the environment and the potential of methane hydrates as a future energy resource.

Working furiously on my grant proposal.

Objective: Raise the global temperature by some 6 degrees celsius, having the effect of unfreezing and releasing currently innaccessible hydrate energy resources into the atmosphere. The system to achieve this will be similar to that of the Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum. (In lay terms, "the day the world farted".) Once the hydrates have been released, spinoff technology includes lush tomatos grown in Alaska due to the so-called "green house" effect.

The cookie jar recast as a monkey trap.


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