Thursday, August 18, 2005

dog days

This should be a summer for Americans to remember.

Cheap gasoline, functional economy, and dead fish.

So, the fish are kind of an omnious harbringer of the high weirdness to come -- things to try and forget, for a few days at least, while one enjoys this last flood of energy washing over the world.

But really, if gasoline were to get expensive, and the economy were to stop functioning, (expanding credit requires expanding usable energy to sustain itself) --

-- strange things would happen.

Not to be corny-mystical. Rather, note, that when cherished cultural myths are tossed to the ground, and shatter as if they were hollow statues of Lenin, the best we can hope for is that times will be tough.

In more practical terms, expect a lull after labor day, when gasoline prices settle down from cheap to cheaper. Might be a good time to sock away some supplies for a rainy day.

Enjoy the summer. Fly somewhere exotic, where they don't hate Americans. (The planes will fly, until they don't. Take advantage.)

Sit on the grass.


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