Wednesday, June 22, 2005

don't panic but...

Via mobjectivist ( and The Oil Drum and everyone else):
Another Pulitzer?
Daniel Yergin won a Pulitzer for his book "The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power" in 1991. The Oil Drum gang has a discussion going on Yergin's energy consultancy CERA, which provided background information for a Yahoo AP story on Peak Oil. Now, this would not normally raise any eyebrows but for the fact that CERA predicts a later peak and significant excess global oil supply for the near term. And because of the "fair and balanced" media, we see this point of view getting press.

These are weird times. How will people respond? Oh Lord but the SUV is powerful thirsty!

With a little nudging from the observably silly CERA report, which likely was cribbed from the 2004 IEA World Energy Outlook, an anti-paradox device will likely spring to life, perceptible for a short time:

an instanced Somebody Else's Problem field.

Don't worry! Your lifestyle needn't ever change! Also, the USA is planning a merger with the continent of Africa, at which time due to some bookkeeping magic, USA carbon emissions will be cut down by 25% on a per capita basis!


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