Thursday, May 19, 2005

stealth energy bill

An energy bill pork greased its way through the Senate a few days ago. But they gave it a funny name:

Despite veto threat, highway bill has easy road in Senate
(The) Senate brushed aside a presidential veto threat yesterday and passed a $295 billion highway bill, arguing that massive spending on bigger and better roads was necessary to fight congestion and unsafe roadways.
Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, said he was at odds with the administration because "there are two areas where we need to spend money: One is national defense, and the other is infrastructure."

The weird thing is, according to the article, the BushCo administration would be fine with the bill of only the Senate would shave 11 billion dollars out of it. Great idea. Or just withdraw from Iraq a week early.

But of course, the really weird thing is, why in heavens name does the U.S. need to upgrade automobile infrastructure when very shortly cars will be garaged every other day according to IEA guidelines, (circa 2005, not 2004 when they were predicting 124~ million oil barrels a day production in 2030)?

So it goes in upside-down world, until the rollercoaster finishes the long clickety clack to the top of the hill.

To bad the U.S. isn't investing 295 billion $ in something really useful, like upgraded railways, or a lobotomy for every war mongering neo-con.

Or, one billion to shut me up - and that is my final offer.


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