Friday, August 18, 2006

so long, light switch consumer

So Long, Hydrocarbon Man
At So Long, Hydrocarbon Man we believe that the changes and challenges facing the world today call for visionary artists to step up and create new stories to help chart our course into the future. Share your creations with us. We offer no payment, just a digital stage for your readings and films, and a digital wall for your paintings and photos. All we ask is that the work directly speak to life at the end of the era of Hydrocarbon Man.

A grand idea - - this new carbon energy site is encouraging lyrical and artistic responses to the changes coming for our world.

Peak energy has the potential to affect so many people in the world, so profoundly, that much effort is spent on just getting the word out, trying to accurately identify the problems so they may be addressed with solutions instead of snail oil. (The slow boat to progress being the favored rate of change in our brittle technocracy.)

In this midst of all this breathless and fearful hububb, stopping to smell the oil soaked roses might be the cure for what ails ye.

Or a walk on the beach.


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