Tuesday, March 15, 2005

methane everywhere

Lately, all the trendy nations want to build more LNG terminals.

Where? Everywhere -
in Singapore ,
in Louisiana,
in Oregon,
in Mexico,
etcetera. Google has an index.

Japan has lots of terminals, and they want more. Flacks for the energy industry are trying to pimp your fix. Natural is gas is clean, clean as a cows ass.

Obviously an attempt will be made to keep the energy infrastructure stitched together. Methane is the new oil. It must be exciting to be the neighborhood methane man these days. Ring the little bell and all the captains of industry come running, dribbles of drool on their happy faces.

Bouphonia asks us, what could go wrong? Sad that no one cares about fish in these troubled times. Those furry fuckers are poisonous anyways.

And then there are the irritating attempts to suppress information on future sites in the United States. Documents are to be encoded in half word, half blotch cipher so the lizard men from Titan won't realize we are planning an immolation derby.

Fight for open government extends to ‘regular guys’
Then an energy company announced plans to build a liquefied natural gas terminal in this small community on the Taunton River. The men – the mayor a city planner and an engineer – had nightmare visions of gas igniting into a huge fireball on the river and asked for government-held reports that studied the threat to the town if the plant or a tanker were attacked.

But like many people who ask for government records these days they didnt get what they were looking for.

"Its a farce Miozza says.


The terminal if approved would hold 58 million gallons of gas with aircraft carrier-sized tankers coming up the narrow river roughly once a week. Residents say its an unacceptable risk with homes and schools all within a mile – the range for second-degree burns if the fuel ignited according to government studies.

What possible reason could the government have to suppress information like this from its own citizenry? To make sure these terminals get built. To make sure the contracts are consumated.

It is not like the terrorists are going to miss the boat (see below) as it floats the fuck by. You could jam the shoebomber in a medieval cannon and still have reasonable chance at hitting one of those barns. Building a LNG terminal has nothing to do with Homeland Security. Follow the money, until sometime in 2030 it runs out and we are left with,

what, exactly?


At 6:45 PM, March 09, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with supply and everything to do with economics. Shell will make 2.5 billion dollars on Broadwater a LNG terminal proposed for Long Island Sound, NY.
Regarding Broadwater, they hired PR firms to attempt to get state and local support in the planning stages of the facility but have been very sneaky about it.

Here's a great spoof on their site:




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